Our Professional Dentists in NYC Help People Get Rid of Pain and Love Their Smiles

At our dentist office in NYC we love helping people. Whether that’s relieving tooth pain, improving smiles, or just helping your teeth stay healthy. We’re a family dental practice and love working with patients of all ages. 

Meet Our Team

Namik Yusufov, DDS, MDT

Dr Yusufov of NY1 dental

Dr. Namik Yusufov started his path in dentistry when he was 14 years old while helping in his mother’s dental clinic. Dr. Yusufov completed dental school and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the NYU School of Dentistry.

He provides the best care available to his patients and continues his education to always be at the very forefront of technology and dental innovation. 

Dr. Yusufov makes a visit to the dentist a fun experience and always provides a friendly and caring environment.

Vera Chernomordik, DMD

Dr Vera Chernomordik

Dr. Vera is a genuine, kind, and compassionate dentist that loves her patients. She graduated from Boston University Suma Cum Laude (highest honors) in 2012 at the top of her class and top 99.3% in the country. 

Dr. Vera excels in cosmetic Dentistry and is especially talented at performing painless procedures, especially dental extractions.  She also has a knack for putting the most anxious children and adults at ease. It’s pretty common to hear laughter coming from the exam room 🙂

If You're Feeling Any Pain or Discomfort

Tooth pain can strike if you injured your mouth somehow, but it can also happen seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes you might feel mild pain or something just “doesn’t feel right.” 

You might hope that you’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll be gone – but that’s not usually how it works. Often over time, that uncomfortable feeling turns into more pain that’s worse than when it first started. 

It can be very tempting to just grab some painkillers and continue taking them whenever you have pain, but that usually only makes things worse when it comes to your teeth. 

A simple problem with an easy solution can turn into something much worse with time. If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, please don’t wait and give us a call.